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Success stories of X1 Group.

Our hall of fame. We're really proud of our partnership with all these companies and projects.
And happy we helped their businesses with our IT talents.

Development team for Kreditech, Online banking of the future.

kreditech.com, Hamburg, Germany.

X1 Group is especially excited to work with these guys. We've partnered with Kreditech and established a great team of 40+ developers and QAs operating the whole bunch of technologies: Java, Scala, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Phonegap, Mongo (and many more). We're hosting and administrating the team, while almost continuously recruiting for more talented engineers to join.

Technologies: Java, Scala, Node.js, PHP, JavaScript.

Development team for Casafari, a real estate search engine.

www.casafari.com, Mallorca, Spain.

With the smart use of the latest web technologies, Artificial Intelligence, recent legal frameworks in the U.S. and Europe, and freshest know-how of content marketing, the team of veteran enterpreneurs launched the Real Estate Search Casafari. The aim of Casafari is to bring transparency to the market of prime properties abroad. The Minimum Viable Product was launched in September 2015 and already became the largest catalog with all properties in Mallorca, Spain. On a content site they are already adding immense value by analysing price distribution and development. With 100s authentic pictures they are documenting all popular residential areas ("Mallorca, Spain - Neighbourhood Guides").

Technologies: Node.js, PHP, JavaScript.

Development team for BudgetEnergie, Energy retail company.

budgetenergie.nl, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

BudgetEnergie - the fastest growing energy retail company in Netherlands working in consumer and small business sector. Software tools, that execute all business processes of the company are developed in-house. And the set of products is still extended by both Amsterdam and X1 teams.

Technologies: .NET, C#, MS SQL.

Web Development team for Sale.de, shopping platform.

sale.de, Berlin, Germany.

This shopping platform provides users with coupons, discounts, and detailed information about brands and products at online stores, as well as outlet centers. Geography: Germany and other European German-speaking countries.

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript.

QA team for Datapine, Data visualization SaaS.

datapine.com, Kiev, Ukraine.

Datapine - the all-in-one data visualization software for small or medium-sized business. Really fantastic tool, which will allow even non-technical guys to dig and mine some new data from their own databases or datasets. In-house team in Berlin develops software, while we're supporting datapine on QA side.

Web Development team for meetOne, Social discovery platform.

meetone.com, Hamburg, Germany.

meetOne is an ambitious social discovery platform allowing users to meet and communicate with people in the near who share the same interests. X1 Group partnered with meetOne on development and established web development team, which is working on extending, refactoring, and scaling of the meetOne.com platform. Additionally, X1 created initial versions of Android and iOS applications for meetOne.

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, Android, iOS.

Browser games Development team for IDGV, Game production and media company.

bebees.com, bebugs.com, beants.com, Berlin, Germany.

Browser games development team created within X1 Group was actively working with IDGV GmbH in order to create and launch series of browser games: BeBees.com, BeBugs.com, and BeAnts.com. All three games share the same platform while each game still has its own specific look and feel. So you have a choice whether you'd like to build up your bees, bugs, or ants empire.

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript.